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Polish T-shirts. Polish brand inspired by Polish culture and literature. Best gifts from Poland.
Polish T-shirts. Polish brand inspired by Polish culture and literature. Best gifts from Poland. - Polish brand inspired by Polish language, culture and literature. is a Polish clothing brand born out of love for the Polish language, Polish literature and Polish culture. is a favourite brand of all people who learn Polish, as well as all Poles living abroad. If you are looking for a gifts from Poland offer is a great choice.
It all started when Krzysztof Kacprzykowski (co-founder) created a Facebook page called Poprawna Polszczyzna (Correct Polish), which today counts over 340,000 enthusiasts of the mother tongue. Based on the Facebook page the website was created - it is a unique portal focused on education in the field of Polish language and is visited by over a million readers a month. The next natural step was creation of - clothing brand which educates people with the help of fashion. In this project Krzysztof joined forces with the second co-founder - Maciej Piotrowski and together they started “dressing people in Polish words”!




Top quality. Made in Poland (from A to Ż)


All clothes are sewn in the heart of Poland - in the knitting region near Łódź. We create our products with passion and take care of the smallest details: from the selection of good-quality knitwear to prints, jacquard and satin inserts, cardboard tags, packaging which minimizes the use of plastic and other details.




Corporate social responsibility


Corporate social responsibility is something completely unforced and completely natural in the brand. As a young Polish fashion brand, we do our best not to affect the environment with our activities, which is why we minimize the use of plastic and use recycled materials. We try to support important social initiatives, especially those of an educational nature. And education in the field of literature and promoting the correct Polish language is one of our priorities. Every year, we publish the report "100 Most Common Mistakes on the Internet".


Best idea for a gift from Poland


Looking for a gift from Poland? Our products inspired by Polish culture and Polish language are the best choice for anyone who is Polish or simply likes Poland. All of the products are made in Poland. Finest selection of original Polish t-shirts, Polish socks, cotton bags and other accessories. Discover the world of Polish language and Polish culture!




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